For many people, diet and exercise can only go so far in their effort to lose weight. While some are successful in their endeavors, others may struggle to shed pounds due to genetic or environmental factors. For these individuals, weight loss surgery may be a preferable option. There are several options available, and the long-term success of these operations depends on a person’s willingness to change their habits. If you’re contemplating weight loss surgery in Mexico, you must also weigh the pros and cons. Choosing a highly qualified doctor can greatly reduce your risk of developing complications and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

There are several reasons why you should consider weight loss surgery in Mexico. Not only will your quality of life significantly improve, but you’ll also save money and have the opportunity to explore the area before your procedure.

Your Health Will Improve

Obesity is known to be associated with a variety of health risks, including diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and cardiovascular conditions. On average, those who struggle with obesity face an increased risk of disease and death. On the other hand, weight loss surgery is an effective way to lose a substantial amount of weight and mitigate symptoms associated with these conditions. Some people experience total remission of type-2 diabetes or hypertension, while others notice a significant decrease in the severity of their condition.

Surgery Is More Affordable

While bariatric surgery is a highly effective way to address morbid obesity, many people cannot afford the procedure in the United States. Fortunately, weight loss surgery is inexpensive in Mexico, which is why this country is such a popular destination for medical tourists. By scheduling weight loss surgery in Mexico, you can afford it more quickly instead of waiting several months or years to save up for the procedure in the United States.

Weight Loss Surgeries We Offer In Tijuana, Mexico:

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

With the positive changes that weight loss brings, it should be no surprise that most bariatric surgery patients experience a better quality of life. Significant weight loss is often associated with:

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Boost in libido and better love life
  • Increased energy and a positive outlook
  • Better mobility and range of motion
  • Decrease in depression and anxiety

Most bariatric surgery patients can do things they could not do before, such as traveling, enjoying more activities and engaging in a more robust social life. These victories are daily reminders of what they have accomplished due to their weight loss and serve as excellent motivators as they continue on their journey to better health.

You Have the Opportunity to Vacation

Another benefit of scheduling weight loss surgery in Mexico is that you can enjoy a few days of sightseeing before having your operation. The locations of many bariatric clinics in Mexico are also popular tourist destinations, featuring luxury accommodations, fine dining and other opportunities to explore everything the region has to offer. If you bring along a friend for support, they will have plenty to see and do while you recover from your surgery.

The Drawbacks of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

While weight loss surgery has many positive outcomes, there are also a few drawbacks. Fortunately, most of these issues are well managed when planned for ahead of time.

Surgical Complications and Risks

Every surgical procedure carries a few risks, even those as safe as bariatric surgery. The majority of these complications are minimal and quickly addressed when caught early:

  • Nausea
  • Infection
  • Ulcers
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Abscesses

The majority of bariatric patients will not experience any complications, and those who do experience setbacks will find that they are usually minor. It is important to remember that these risks are also commonly associated with bariatric procedures in the United States.

Patients Must Pay the Cost of Surgery Out-of-Pocket

In Mexico, most bariatric clinics require full payment before surgery. In addition, bariatric procedures are not likely to be covered by any insurance company. However, weight loss surgery is much less expensive in Mexico than in the United States or Canada, even without medical insurance. Surgery is more affordable due to this country’s lower overhead cost of medical clinics. Although you must pay out of pocket for this life-saving procedure, you save substantially by scheduling weight loss surgery in Mexico.

You Will Need To Take Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin deficiency is a common risk associated with most bariatric surgery options. Particular bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and the duodenal switch may have stricter supplementation guidelines because nutrient absorption is more restrictive in these options. Vitamin supplementation is not unique to bariatric procedures in Mexico. Even if you pursue bariatric surgery in the United States, you must adhere to a strict supplementation regimen.

You Will Have To Follow Post-Op Dietary Restrictions

After your surgery, you will need to integrate healthy meal plans into your lifestyle to increase your chances of long-term success. Depending on your procedure type, you will have various guidelines to follow. These restrictions will include eating smaller portions and making healthier dietary choices. While weight loss surgery will significantly reduce the volume of food you can consume, you must still do your part and make healthier choices while maintaining an active lifestyle. A healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise are also essential to successful weight loss surgeries in the United States.
Obesity is a chronic, debilitating illness that can seriously affect your quality of life. For many people, surgery is the best option for long-term successful weight loss. At Renew Bariatrics, our team can answer your questions to help you manage your health and address your unique concerns. If you are interested in learning more about our clinic and bariatric programs, be sure to schedule a free phone consultation today.           

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