When it comes to weight loss surgery, you want to find a place in Tijuana, Mexico that you can trust. At Renew Bariatrics, we want to make sure that the procedure you need is a successful one. We offer safe, effective procedures tailored to your weight loss needs.

Obesity is one thing none of our patients should ever have to deal with in their lifetime. We offer more than just surgical procedures. We offer your better health, a better life, and so much more.

Imagine making a life-changing decision that ends up being one for the better. If you are a resident of the United States or Canada and struggle with weight loss and obesity, bariatric surgery might be the answer for you.

We offer several different procedures. Do you know which one fits you best? Keep reading and we’ll discuss what we offer.

Affordable weight loss surgery

At Mexico Weight Loss Surgery by Renew Bariatrics, we understand that money can be an issue. Especially for someone who is looking to have bariatric surgery done. In the United States, you could be looking at potentially spending anywhere from $7000 to $30000.

Even if your insurance can cover what it can, you are still bound to pay a lot of money. Our practice offers the same high-quality procedures and care at an affordable price. That’s right – you will be paying a fraction of what you would be paying in the United States.

It’s one of the main reasons why Tijuana is becoming one of the fastest-growing places in the world for medical tourism. And it’s ending up as one of the more popular destinations for those who are interested in bariatric surgery.

Why let a steep price tag separate you from where you are now to a life of sustained healthiness? We know that bariatric surgery will be part of your weight loss journey so that you feel healthier, more confident, and able to enjoy the things in life you couldn’t have before.

If you are willing to travel for bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, it will help you in terms of finances. You won’t have to spend more than you would have in the United States. Even better, you won’t have to wait a long time either.

How’s that for getting more for your money?

Bariatric Surgery Tijuana Benefits

If you are curious about the benefits of bariatric surgery, this part of the guide will outline what to expect. Should you go forward with it, here are the following things you can experience after the procedure:

Significant weight loss

Bariatric surgery can help patients lose a substantial amount of excess weight. When this happens, this will lead to improvements in their overall health and their quality of life. You can add years to your life rather than continue to allow obesity to cut it short.

Improvement or resolution of obesity-related health conditions

When you lose weight as a result of bariatric surgery, you’ll be able to notice improvements or even see obesity-related health conditions be resolved. They include but are not limited to: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and joint problems among others.

Your risk for emergency health issues such as heart attack and stroke will decrease as well. You’ll feel better knowing that you have improved your health and realized that bariatric surgery can also save your life.

Enhanced mobility and physical activity

You’ll notice that after losing weight that you can move around better. Your joints will be relieved of any pain or pressure it has dealt with due to the extra weight. You’ll also be likely willing to engage in other physical activities as well such as regular exercise.

Walking around will feel easier. And you can get around much better. You will see and feel the difference.

Positive impact on sleep

Obesity can cause sleep apnea, which can lead to plenty of issues that affect your sleep quality. On top of that, there may be severe cases that can be fatal. With bariatric surgery and the weight loss that coincides with it, you’ll sleep better at night.

Even better, you’ll also notice that your sleep apnea will gradually and soon disappear. Meaning you won’t need to use your CPAP machine or rely on any other treatment related to the condition. However, this will require clearance from your sleep doctor before you discontinue the treatment – so be sure to talk to them about this after you have experienced significant weight loss.

Bariatric Procedures Performed

Renew Bariatrics is proud to offer the following procedures for those interested in bariatric surgery. They include the following:

These procedures are all performed on the same day. Whichever is the best fit for you, you’ll know that it will benefit you for the long-run.

Bariatric Weight Loss Procedures Costs:

If you are interested in learning more about the overall cost of bariatric weight loss procedures in comparison to costs of the same procedure in the United States or Canada then you should read our in-depth pricing articles:

Trusted Bariatric Team

Renew Bariatrics has a trusted team led by three board-certified surgeons. Drs Hector Perez, Jorge Green, and Rene Armenta are ready to perform the surgery that will change your life. With combined years of experience and countless surgeries under their belts, they are ready to make sure you have the procedure needed to help you lose weight and beat obesity (and the related health-conditions that go along with it).

If you have any questions or concerns, they will address them in a professional manner. They are the team to have in your corner when you venture on your weight loss journey.

Schedule an appointment with Renew Bariatrics

If you are interested in bariatric surgery without the long wait time or steep price tag, Renew Bariatrics is here to help. Please be sure to check out any information regarding the procedure you may be considering.

When you are ready, you can schedule an appointment with us. This will include a consultation appointment to determine which procedure is actually right for you. Then, we’ll perform it and put you on the road to better health.

Don’t wait – contact us today for any additional information regarding bariatric surgery options in Tijuana, Mexico.

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